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Roof Ventilators

Ventilates naturally or with motor.


HEALTHIER LIFE : It helps exhaust heat, humidity and other fumes and refreshes the interior atmosphere providing a more comfortable environment and helps improve productivity.




NO POWER COST : It can be installed on any kind of roof structure with no additional maintenance cost required. It can be installed in your factory workplace, warehouse, gymnasium, conference hall, farm or even living place.


DECREASES  BUILDING MAINTENANCE COST : It eliminates humidity from the building which prolongs the life of other necessary building components such as materials, paintwork, insulation as well as the building structure, which requires less maintenance cost.




NO FIRE RISK : It operates without any electrical equipment, thus causes no fire risk from overloading or short-circuits.




MADE OF QUALITY MATERIALS : RTK Roof Ventilator is made of quality kind of materials which are Aluminium, Stainless Steel or Galvanized Steel. Each individual is totally light weight, durable, rustfree, noiseless and certified water leakage proof.


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